So far, the endorsement of our manifesto has largely been an informal affair. We are now looking at ways to formalise our partners’ commitment. What does it actually mean to underwrite the manifesto? What kind of obligations does it entail? We’ve come up with the following proposal, which is open for amendment.

  1. You undertake to publicly endorse the values of the PublicSpaces Manifesto wherever you can
  2. You are an "ambassador" of PublicSpaces and its values within your own network
  3. You undertake to set up your own digital environment in accordance with those values as much as possible. An explanation of the application of these values can also be found within that digital environment. So: apply and explain.
  4. Where this setup in accordance with PublicSpaces values appears impossible and you, for whatever reason, have to make other choices that lead to a deviation from these values, you explain why you had to deviate. In short: apply or explain.
  5. You make a contribution, the size of which is established in consultation with the PublicSpaces board, in kind or in cash to the work of PublicSpaces. This contribution will earn you a license containing the right to carry one or more PublicSpaces badges.

These obligations are a reflection of our ambitions, but also of our limitations. As stated elsewhere, we are still very dependent upon technologies that we really wish to do away with. To repair this, will take some time. But the very first step is a larger transparency of the measure in which the partner is deviating from the values, so that the public can be made more aware.