Harm and Nadine are the makers of DIGIDOPAMINE. This eclectic millennial duo love to share their musical and philosophical reflections on living in a digital age. Nothing is left unspoken: emotions, addiction, dating apps, online shopping, privacy, acceleration, dopamine fasting, wallowing, broken hearts, crying YouTubers, depri-wave, real feelings.

Harm Hofmans is fascinated by the hubris of humankind in technological times. This art-educator/marketeer/hobby-philosopher/full-time flâneur likes to wander through uncanny valleys, enjoys to explore the back alleys of popular culture and loves to declare all science fiction.

Nadine Roestenburg gets super exited about struggles with the digital. She is fascinated by how we love and hate our digital technologies and the internet. Nadine gets enthusiastic by almost everything in life. Without focus or hyper-focussed she wanders through hybrid spaces exploring post-digital art, offline romanticism, web nostalgia, the commodification of nothingness, self-help strategies and digital detoxes.


Friday 19:25 – 19:30, 20:00 – 20:05, 30:35 – 20:40, 21:15 – 21:20 Entr'acte DIGIDOPAMINE