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Alles is uit te leggen

We spraken met Lydia Prinsen en Anne-Maartje Douqué over het leerproces en de ambities van het algoritmeregister van de gemeente Amsterdam.

De Code voor Kinderrechten is er vooral voor de ontwikkelaar

De Code voor Kinderrechten richt zich op de ontwikkelaars en ontwerpers van games, websites en andere digitale diensten voor kinderen, om ook hun digitale wereld een betere plek te maken.

The BBC: reclaiming control over its data

Personalisation is no longer reserved for commercial parties like Spotify and Netflix. For the last few years public services have hopped on this trend, but the BBC is now taking the lead by creating a central open-source recommendation and data control service called My PDS.

The what-if question

It's probably the most important question any human can ever ask. The what-if question is the engine of progress – it inspires ambition, it sparks the imagination – both on a personal level: "What if I become a painter" as… Verder lezen →

Values, legitimacy and power

Over the last month or so, we've been discussing about our organizational structure. How we organize should obviously be a reflection of our values, but it also goes to the heart of our identity. It makes quite a difference if… Verder lezen →

Interim governance

PublicSpaces wants to get things done. We think, but like to act as well. That’s why we’ve gone ahead, visited a notary public and started our PublicSpaces Foundation, that will lay the groundwork for the reconquista of the public domain… Verder lezen →

Reconquering the commons

Photo by Annet Neijmeijer The internet has become an indispensable tool for modern society; we can’t imagine having to live without the convenience of internet-based applications that provide us with services like navigation, email, social interactions with our friends, information… Verder lezen →

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