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First breakout of track 3 Meet the disruptors

Silicon Valley, and the world of venture capital revolve around the notion of radical disruption. Those ideas that change the world instantaneously. The question: ‘what comes after the break?’ is deliberately postponed until a later date. First innovate, then improve is the device.

In order to move towards a better internet, incremental change is not enough. In fact, it may actually be the mentality of ‘ship first, fix later’ that may have led to the problems that we are currently facing. 

In this track, we want to highlight the trailblazers that aim to create a different form of disruption. People that do not only want to change the world for a moment, but those that have the stamina and patience to persist.

Take Away:

Exploring what disruption truly means (innovation, mobilization, and organization) and create awareness of the fact that not all radical changes are equal when viewed from a PublicSpaces perspective. 

Breakout 1: Failed Encounters

The problems and questions that PublicSpaces poses aren’t new. In fact, they were part of the narrative of the internet from the very beginning. In this first breakout session, we will focus on people from different epochs of this narrative and highlight their stories.

However, it’s important to realize that we would not be here today if their stories only consisted of successes. Looking back, most of these attempts actually failed. Let’s learn from them to prevent making the same mistakes again.

Format: presentations & short interview by moderator followed by questions from colleagues and audience


Jan Hein Hoogstad


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