The internet is broken, but we can fix it and replace broken parts. In this conference, we will look for ways how we can make the internet a healthy public space again. Therefore, on Thursday, March 11 from 17h00 CET onwards, we will gather together a network of organisations and individuals who are committed to working on digital public spaces in Europe. An evening filled with several informed presentations of experts on the recent agenda which is unfolding to build a European alternative. No longer dependent on the tech giants of Silicon Valley. An alternative that values our freedoms and is the exact opposite of the state surveillance system which is constructed in China. This conference is designed to kickstart lasting cooperation and a network of organisations and developers that are committed to fixing the internet. A collective where we are able to exchange ideas and cooperate on specific projects. Bringing different networks together from areas such as digital rights, open data, civic tech, and bridging these communities with those who have expressed their need for digital public spaces: politicians, policymakers, and organisations with a public mission who want to be able to use technology that is fully in line with the common public values that are central to their work.

Marleen Stikker will introduce the three keynote speakers and moderate this session with Katja Bego, Paul Keller and Eli Pariser.



Marleen Stikker opens the meeting on the hop-in platform.

We are now on Hop-in that is not totally compliant with our aims and objective. It is a journey and process to get PublicSpaces proof applications in the future.

Marleen introduces the Matrix application for discussion during and after the conference. There are two versions, a Dutch and an English speaking one. For today we are using the chat of Hop-in, but for the follow-up we can find each other on the Public Spaces Matrix platform.

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Main track Thursday
An introduction on the nights theme 'How to create a European alternative?'