Short presentations by members of our European network.

  1. Beyond Platforms Initative: Kemal Görgülü and Markus Heidmeier
  2. Mapping the ethical internet and a new home for working together: Ian Forrester and Sander van der Waal
  3. European Cultural backbone: Alexander Barastsits
  4. EFF, Europe and the Public Interest Internet: Danny O'Brien
  5. Funding call Culture of Solidarity, contributing to the digital public spaces in Europe: Menno Weijs, project manager European Cultural Foundation


Marleen Stikker


Marleen reopens the session for the 5 community announcements

  1. Kemal Gorgulu – Beyond platforms initiative

Beyond platforms is an initiative based in Germany, a collective of public broadcasters and others. We came together on the need to rethink the rules, to renegotiate media consumption on the internet and to find new concepts/new construction plans based on standards interoperability and decentralization.

The current large platforms work on principles that we need to decompose to their components. And replace them by developing an ecosystem, to create new digital ecosystems. This we need to do together and therefore we need to build a network and work together specific projects. Around 40 persons, met for the first time end 2019 in Berlin, composed of civil society and domain experts, working in working groups, Beyond platforms is a foundation and due to the funding of the city of Hamburg we got a project officer working on developing our network. 

Ian Forrester and Sander van der Waal – Mapping the ethical internet

How do we achieve a public space on the internet? As you have seen we asked information in the ticket from you as participant for public good. We took this information to start mapping the ethical internet and used your data as participants as a starting point to map the ethical internet. We mapped all the persons and their initiatives and with whom they work.

At the same time we have moved to a new home, using Matrix as a tool to bridge existing networks, where we can keep using the platforms that we are using while interacting with eachother. Bringing down the walled gardens. We see it as a new start, using a decentralized and federated system to interact and think together

Alexander cultural backbone

Missed this part of the conference due to helping our speaker Barbara Thomas solving her technical issues.

Danny O’Brien – EFF

Electronic Frontier Foundation is not only US organization, since 10% tf the members is in Europe. Goal is a more equitable internet.

An personal anecdote. 25 years ago we built a system to send a fax to your MP. That lead to two important UK organisations. The seeds of the future of the Public Interest Internet, they are already here. We want to find them and grow these seeds. Give the public internet a chance against the private internet.

Doing the research it shows that Europe is the place where most of these initiatives could be found. Like matrix and like mastodon. These services are not always eligible to policy makers. Work out ways to make this distributive system talk to the lawmakers/the decision makers. The EFF team in Brussels wants to work with them. We want you to be part of that collective. Of this community of knowledge, the real ideas, is going on in this collective. We can help with two way communication with law makers. I will link you to Christophe Schmon that runs the EFF in Brussels. Contact him if you want to get involved.

Menno Weijs at the European Cultural Foundation

Promoting European sentiments through culture. Share, experience and imagine Europe.

The initiative for a European Public Space. Digital European Public Spaces. With Adessium, Campagnio San Paolo, Waag, reclaim European Spaces – plays their video explaining the initiative

Culture of Solidarity Fund – Culture of solidarity in times of an infodemic. Reporting through a national lens, voice of the powerful, not the weak, fake news spread as fast as the virus.

Citizens lack a spaces. Cross borade media collaborations. Development of digital tools. Storytelling of Europeans. Apply by 31 march to show your interest.

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