Two years of fighting for digital ethics

Now that PublicSpaces has celebrated its second anniversary, it is worthwhile to document our experiences and share what has been the best working method for the coalition so far. PublicSpaces is a coalition of values, built on a shared concern… Continue Reading →

Value Driven Development

‘Cause anything’s possible, yeah There’s no code of ethics out here Drake There has been no shortage lately of stories about the tech industry’s questionable ethics. We all read the stories. A smart security camera company is working with law… Continue Reading →

Fundamentals of trust

 We can’t go on together With suspicious minds – Elvis Presley Finding examples of failed trust relations has never been difficult, but today it’s actually quite a challenge to miss them. Governments don’t trust their citizens to stay inside, while… Continue Reading →

The endorsement’s worth

So far, the endorsement of our manifesto has largely been an informal affair. We are now looking at ways to formalise our partners’ commitment. What does it actually mean to underwrite the manifesto? What kind of obligations does it entail?… Continue Reading →

Here is the news!

This blog has been quiet for far too long, a lack of news however, has certainly not been the cause for that. On the contrary – the developments have been succeeding so rapidly that we have not been able to… Continue Reading →

SxSW, MIT Medialab and more

A lot is happening in the PublicSpaces realm; rather than bringing you tidbits of news, we figured we’d bring you an overview of highlights. PublicSpaces was present at SxSW. This festival (in Austin, Texas) has a reputation of being about… Continue Reading →

We won an award

PublicSpaces won the Incentive Prize of the Dutch Privacy Awards today. We regard this as a big stimulus to keep doing what we’ve been doing. We’re happy and proud! From the judge’s report: There is a lot that goes on… Continue Reading →

Development bucket list

To guide the development of products and services of PublicSpaces, we have in place both a development ‘guide’ and a backlog of functionalities and components that we expect to be built. Underlying our working methods is the idea that our… Continue Reading →

The what-if question

It’s probably the most important question any human can ever ask. The what-if question is the engine of progress – it inspires ambition, it sparks the imagination – both on a personal level: “What if I become a painter” as… Continue Reading →

A huge step forward

Working in a coalition has its advantages — lots of networking going on, many experiences to share, plenty of competences and resources at your disposal — but it certainly has its drawbacks too. Especially if you are trying to tackle a problem so profoundly… Continue Reading →

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