As the Russian population has been shut off from most foreign news sources, the country is dealing with a severe lack of trustworthy news sources. Different people and organizations have found creative ways of reaching the Russian public to provide them with more accurate information. We talked to Paulius Senūta, co-founder of the Call Russia Project, an initiative that aims to motivate Russian diaspora across the globe to pick up the phone and call Russian citizens, to inform them about the war in Ukraine.

Fake news and misinformation have been a widespread problem in Russia for a very long time. With the country banning major news outlets and social media platforms, this problem has become bigger and more urgent. With the western world being hesitant to respond, some have argued that the only people that can put a stop to this war are the Russian citizens themselves. The problem here is that a lot of Russians have a completely different understanding of what is going on in Ukraine. But how do you reach people that have a completely different worldview?

Listen to the podcast we've recorded with Paulius ahead of the PublicSpaces Conference:

Paulius Senūta will be present during the PublicSpaces Conference on the 17th of May, where he will join in on the session The Battle Against Fake News.