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Reimagining the digital public sphere: what do we want social platforms to do for us?

On the second day of the PublicSpaces Conference associate professor Ethan Zuckerman shared his thoughts on how small initiatives can change our perception of social platforms in a big way.

José van Dijck over het gezonder maken van de platformization tree

José van Dijck over de metafoor van de Platformization Tree: de boom is opgebouwd uit drie typen platformen: de digitale infrastructuur in de wortels, de intermediaire platformen in de stam en de sectorale platformen in de takken. Wie platformen in alle drie de lagen bezit, zoals de vijf grote techbedrijven, heeft ongelofelijk veel data- en distributiemacht. Wat kunnen we daar aan doen?

Reconquering the commons

Photo by Annet Neijmeijer The internet has become an indispensable tool for modern society; we can’t imagine having to live without the convenience of internet-based applications that provide us with services like navigation, email, social interactions with our friends, information… Continue Reading →

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