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Cultuurconnect: transforming policy through shared ambition

Cultuurconnect, a Flemish cultural organization that promotes digital innovation in local libraries and cultural venues, is aiming to develop a strategy to promote public values online. Edith LeBlanc from Cultuurconnect shared how the organization plans to participate in a workshop called ‘The Brainwash’, offered by PublicSpaces, to reflect on their use of software and services and their impact on their target audience, employees, and society. The goal is to establish a shared value framework for public values like data, ethics, and privacy, to meet the challenges of the digital transformation of the cultural sector.

A peek in the kitchen of… BNNVARA

The Librecast project, funded by the European Cultural Foundation, showcases several case studies of Pan-European sovereign media distribution, away from big tech, and the importance of more sovereignty in media systems. BNNVARA, a public broadcasting organization in the Netherlands, went through 'The Digital Powerwash', a methodology that helps organizations examine and improve the digital tools they use. 'The Digital Powerwash' could be used as an objective evaluation test for organizations to make more informed decisions about how to organize their digital infrastructure.

A peek in the kitchen of… the VPRO

In "A peek in the kitchen of…" series, we highlight an organization that went through the Digital Powerwash. We sat down with Onno Bruins from VPRO, who participated in the Powerwash. The aim is to provide insights into how aligned an organization's digital environment is with public values. After the process, VPRO replaced some digital tools with alternatives and decided not to store unencrypted data with US companies. The final scores of all assessed tools were published on their website to be transparent.

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