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Nieuwe directeur PublicSpaces: Wouter Tebbens

Stichting PublicSpaces heeft een nieuwe directeur: Wouter Tebbens

4 nieuwe bestuursleden

Vier nieuwe bestuursleden voor PublicSpaces: Cristina Anca Fodor, Roel Dobbe, Oumaima Hajri en Paul Keller

Values, legitimacy and power

Over the last month or so, we've been discussing about our organizational structure. How we organize should obviously be a reflection of our values, but it also goes to the heart of our identity. It makes quite a difference if… Verder lezen →

Interim governance

PublicSpaces wants to get things done. We think, but like to act as well. That’s why we’ve gone ahead, visited a notary public and started our PublicSpaces Foundation, that will lay the groundwork for the reconquista of the public domain… Verder lezen →

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