10:00    Welcome & introduction by moderator Clarice Gargard           

10:05    About the PublicSpaces conference 

  • What is PublicSpaces about? Why? What impact do you hope for?

10:15    Keynote Prof. Dr. José van Dijck 

  • The dependence of big tech and it’s dilemma’s for the public sector               

10:30    Setting the stage, setting the agenda 

  • Moderator in conversation with different speakers and participants of the day. About strategies to work towards a public internet, ways to strengthen  the public stack, desirable outcomes of the conference

10:50    Outline of the programme 

  • Jan Hein Hoogstad (one of the programmers) talks about the programme and practicalities.

Event Timeslots (1)

Main track Friday
What is the PublicSpaces Conference about and what do we want to achieve? In the opening we will introduce this conference. Prof. dr. José van Dijck gives a keynote speech and through a panel session we set the agenda.